Arthur J. Bloberger  –  Editor-in-Chief


With more than three decades of publishing experience, Arthur J. Bloberger has worked nearly every conceivable end of the business, from his early beginnings at a New York City Madison Avenue advertising agency to his lengthy tenures as editor of Today in Las Vegas magazine and the Jewish Reporter.  Along the way, he’s also been at the creative helm of many other successful publications, from the nationally-circulated SuperShopper and Sweepstakes magazines to other local publications such as Nevada Hospitality magazine and Las Vegas’ first, original city magazines, Las Vegan and LV. Today, besides, he also serves as editor of the nationwide tradeshow magazine, Exhibit City News.


 “Las Vegas has been my home for more than 40 years and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.” he says, “Now in its 7th year, just seemed like the next natural step. There’ll always be ink in my blood, but as long as I’m doing the things I’ve loved to do since I began my career as a wordsmith – entertainment writing, celebrity interviews, show and dining reviews and convention news, plus the occasional hard-hitting journalistic venture – I’ll be happy. And hopefully that sense of joy will be transmitted to LasVegazine’s internet viewers.”


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